“Mommy, remember when we used to dance to this song every time it came on?”

I do remember. I remember like it was yesterday. I remember stopping everything that we were doing when the song “Summer” by Calvin Harris came on the TV and we would dance together like complete fools. But to be honest, I had forgotten.

It hit me in that moment that dancing in the living room may have been a tiny part of our days together but to her, it meant the world.

Sometimes as parents, we are so consumed with creating Pinterest worthy crafts and making everything perfect for our little ones that we miss the moments that truly matter.

I have found myself so busy running around cooking, helping with homework, going to karate and disciplining that I forgot that night when I held my baby girl and rocked her because she didn’t feel well.

I forgot about the time when she was three and we put on our rain boots and jumped in puddles, just because we could.

I didn’t remember that afternoon when we put on fairy wings and had a tea party in her play room.

But she remembered.

She remembers all the tiny moments that I didn’t think made a difference. Boy was I wrong.

But do you know what she doesn’t remember?

She doesn’t remember that Christmas when we didn’t have enough money to buy her all the gifts we wanted to and felt like failures.

She doesn’t remember that craft that took me 5 days to find on Pinterest, $20.00 to buy the materials for and 2 hours to figure how to do it before I tried to show her just because I wanted to do something elaborate. (Which by the way I wound up throwing in the trash because it came out looking ridiculous aka story of my life!)

My daughter has never once mentioned that birthday party that we spent weeks planning.

Not once.

But she does ask me to sing the silly song my husband and I made up when she was a tiny baby and we were changing 1,000 diapers a day.

Those are the moments she will cherish forever.

I think we can learn so much from our kids about what is really important in life.

Tonight, I will put away my phone. I will turn off the TV and forget about the housework.

I will dance in the living room with my little one who is growing so fast.