“Think of yourself as a curator rather than a consumer.”-Christine Koh

I am just going to come out and say it: There Are No Rules To Minimalism.


If you have done any research on the topic of minimalism, you have probably stumbled upon some blogs and articles that go into detail about how to live a minimalist life. You may have read tips, tricks and ideas from other people who have decided to live a more simple and minimalist lifestyle.

You may have also come across people who believe that if your home is larger than 1,000 square feet or if you own more than one eye shadow palette, then you aren’t a minimalist. If you have a storage unit and have decor on your walls then you aren’t minimalist enough.

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But, what exactly constitutes minimalism?

Is it only owning a few pieces of clothing?

Is it how large or small your home is?

How much you have decluttered or uncluttered your home?

The number of toys your children own?

There Are No Rules To Minimalism

Sure, all of these things can be seen as living a minimalist life. But, if your child has 10 board games and you own more than 100 items, are you still “allowed” to consider yourself a minimalist? Absolutely.

Now, some people may disagree with me. If you ask some minimalists, they will tell you that that is not minimalism and doesn’t align with their definition of minimalism. And guess what? That’s okay too!

I will be the first to admit that my daughter owns way too many toys. Probably not as many as others but there are plenty of things that she owns that she hasn’t touched since it made its way into the house.

I also will be completely transparent and tell you that I am a member of Boxycharm and get new makeup each month in the box. Does this mean I am not a minimalist? I don’t think so.

There are a lot of things I have changed and gotten rid of since embracing a more simple life but Boxycharm is one thing I have decided to keep. Why? Because makeup is something I love and I put a full face on almost every single day. That’s just a part of who I am and will probably always be!

It brings joy to my life therefore, I will keep it.

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You don’t need to sell your house and live in a tiny home in order to be a minimalist. Do you love your 3,000 square foot home and it fits your family’s needs? Perfect! Then that is where you should be living.

You don’t need to donate your late Grandmother’s jewelry to be a minimalist. Do those pieces mean something to you? Then hold on to them forever.

Your kids don’t need to get rid of every single toy to live a minimalist life. Do they have a hard time parting with their things, even if you know they have never played with them? Let them keep the toys. One day, they will be fine getting rid of them.

Your walls don’t have to be bare to embrace a minimalist life. Do you love your farmhouse decor and enjoy making DIY furniture and decorations? Then go ahead and do those projects and adorn your walls with your creations. (PS I am obsessed with farmhouse decor!!)

Minimalism is deeply personal and focuses on removing the things from your life that don’t bring you joy and holding tight to what matters to you and your life. This can range from material possessions and clutter to toxic relationships and your digital usage.

There are no rules to this life and there is no right or wrong way to simplify your life.

So, go ahead and buy the newest iPhone. Make that wall decoration. Declutter your home. Keep what makes you happy. Let go of what doesn’t serve you and your family. For this, is what minimalism is all about!