“you are allowed to make changes to the way you’re living. you’re allowed to look after yourself. you’re allowed to decide what’s important to you. and you’re allowed to create a life with those things at the center. it’s ok to go slowly. it’s ok to say no. it’s ok to be different. and it’s ok to let go of caring about the joneses” – slow by brooke mcalary 

I am SO excited to introduce you to the The Uncluttered Book Club’s January 2020 book: “Slow” by Brooke McAlary!

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With pages full of inspiration, information and actionable steps, I think this is the perfect book to start off the year.

From slow living and decluttering to reconnecting and finding your “why”, this book truly has it all. Just reading the first page of the book, I was hooked and knew I wanted to share this read with you.

The Uncluttered Book Club | January 2020 - "Slow"

Whether you are just beginning your journey to living an uncluttered and slower life or you have been doing this for years, you will find value in “Slow.”

My favorite part was the first chapter of the book, finding your Why and thinking of your eulogy when you are deciding what’s really important to you. (Hard to do but so effective!!)

For me, figuring out why I wanted to change my life and unclutter it made all the difference. Once I was able to pinpoint my Why, I felt at peace & the journey became much less overwhelming!

Although I have been on this journey for over a year, I gained so much knowledge from “Slow” and truly loved every page!

The Uncluttered Book Club | January 2020 - "Slow"

Here are the questions I want you to be thinking about while you are reading and what we will be discussing at the end of the month!

  1. Before reading the book, what was your definition of a slow life? Did that change as you read?
  2. What was your initial reaction to the book? Did you like it right away?
  3. What chapter/section spoke to you the most?
  4. What is one idea you found in the book to add mindfulness into your life?
  5. What is the most important thing you learned from the book?
  6. After reading the book, would you recommend it to a friend?

Feel free to visit this post throughout the month and share your thoughts as you read!

At the end of the month, I will send out the date, we will come on here and comment below with the answers to the questions and discuss what we all thought. Don’t be shy! Even if you didn’t like the book, that’s okay too!

If you want to learn more about Brooke and her work, visit her website or check out her podcast “The Slow Home Podcast.”

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