Get the hot glue gun, construction paper, paint and foam out and let’s get crafting!

Since Olivia was young, we have always done crafts. Especially when I stayed at home before she started school, we spent many of our days knee deep in glue and stickers! I’m not sure who loves it more, me or her! The other day we went to Michael’s and spent over an hour walking up and down every aisle “oohing” and “ahhing” at all the different products we saw. We love to make different pictures with paint, animals out of play doh and bracelets out of yarn.

When the holidays roll around, there are even more craft ideas to chose from yay! While the adults are in the kitchen preparing Thanksgiving dinner, the kids can be sitting at the table making beautiful creations. Then when dinner is ready and it is time to eat, let the kids stand up and show off all of their hard work!

I found a few craft projects that kids can do themselves and one that they may need help with. What is your favorite Thanksgiving craft to do with the kids? Do you like doing projects together as a family? I would love to hear from you! Leave a comment or e-mail me at xoxo


Feather Letter Turkeys: This craft is PERFECT for little ones who are learning how to spell their name! This cute little turkey only needs a few supplies: construction paper, a paper plate, crayons, glue and googly eyes. Easy enough for the youngest ones at your house this year, they can help place the face of the turkey and the feathers. Have fun with the decorating! Growing Book by Book has SO many cute ideas for kids of all ages!


Thankful Hands: I love this craft idea for lots of reasons, particularly teaching kids at a young age what Thanksgiving is all about. Of course it is about the turkey, desserts and football! But most of all, it is a time where we get to be with our loved ones and reflect on what we are grateful for in our lies. Each child can trace their hands and pick two things they are thankful for! Then poke a hole on top of the hands and attach them with string to a decorated paper or board. Check out Preschool Time on Instagram for more ideas to do with your preschoolers!


Autumn Leaf Mason Jar: Who doesn’t love a mason jar? A mason jar + a craft? GENIUS! Olivia and I made these two years ago with two of our friends for a craft night before Thanksgiving. I have to admit, Olivia made a better looking jar than all of us combined! These are so easy to make and look so beautiful at night, on the mantle, with an electric candle inside. Spark & Chemistry has so many craft projects! Make sure you have time to explore when you check out her site!


Fall Leaf Painting: This project would be perfect for kids of all ages, even Olivia wants to try this! We are planning to sit down and craft Tuesday after school! I think the best part of this craft is the time you get to spend together gathering leaves outside. You can pick as many leaves as you want, go crazy! The finished product would be a great way to decorate on Thanksgiving. Minne Mama explains how to make this project so easily on her blog!


Thanksgiving Craft Kits: If you are anything like me and always have the best intentions but almost never plan ahead, there are a ton of places you can buy a Thanksgiving craft kit! Most stores have at least a few kits that come with the supplies your kids need to make an adorable craft. I found a few sets that are so cute and inexpensive!

Olivia's Turkey

This is Olivia’s turkey that she made this year! We got the kit from either Michael’s or A.C. Moore. I’m not sure what happened to the turkey’s face haha, but this is an example of how cute a craft kit is!