“Don’t blink, Just like that you’re six years old and you take a nap and you, Wake up and you’re twenty-five and your high school sweetheart becomes your wife. Don’t blink, You just might miss your babies growing like mine did.” – Kenny Chesney “Don’t Blink”

As I sit here, thinking about what I want to say and the words I want to share with you, I can’t stop the tears from forming in my eyes.

Mama, I have been there. I have rolled my eyes at people when they told me “don’t blink.”

I have wondered how I am possibly going to get through the next few hours with my toddler before my husband comes home. I have looked at people like they are crazy when they told me that time will fly when the days all drag together and feel like they last forever.

And now, here I am, and my daughter will be turning seven in just a matter of days. Seven. Even writing that makes me start sweating. (Don’t judge me!)

Slow Down Mama - Time Is Flying!

I am here to tell you not to blink. Seriously. One day you go to sleep and the next day you wake up and your little one is in second grade.

See the thing is that those days that feel like a lifetime? They don’t last. I know that when you are knee deep in diapers and not sleeping more than three hours a night, you just want them to get a little older so it will be easier.

And then they do start to grow up and all you want is for them to be little again. (Motherhood is so confusing isn’t it?)

There are so many things that need to be done throughout the day from cooking and cleaning to activities and homework. We so often spend our days on an endless cycle of busy and forget to enjoy our little ones.

Enjoy those sticky fingers that just dirtied your clean counter. (Easier said then done, I know!) Enjoy, yes enjoy, the millionth time your kids called your name and interrupted what you were doing because they wanted to show you the block they added to their house on Minecraft. (This is my everyday life!)

Mama, the dishes can wait. That bill you need to pay? It will still be there in 20 minutes. Believe me, I am guilty of just wishing for bedtime or for school to start and then for school to end again. But do you know what I have realized?

These moments, good or bad, are ones you will never have the chance to get back. Our kids are only little once.

So, say ‘yes’ the next time your son wants you to sit on the floor and play Legos. Listen to your daughter tell you about her day at school, even if you have to cook dinner because you have karate in half an hour. Take that extra walk around the block. Read that book again that you have read 30 times before.

The time is flying and it will just keep moving.

In my house, my favorite day is “Pajama Day!” We used to do this way more when my daughter was little but now, whenever we get the chance, we stay in our pajamas all day and do nothing. We read books, do puzzles, bake something sweet and spend the day being intentional with our time.

Clear your calendar for an entire weekend. Spend a whole day playing board games, cuddling on the couch and taking a walk. Just be. Put away the vacuum cleaner and the obligations.

Slow down mama. One day you will look back and realize that these days? They weren’t so bad after all, I promise you.

Don’t blink…

Do you ever do a “Pajama Day” at your house? What is one way you can slow down with your family?