What does the word selfless mean to you?

To me, selfless means giving, generosity and kindness. I work in a nonprofit organization that provides services for children and adults with multiple disabilities. Our organization has two schools, career training, adult day programs and group homes. I honestly and truly love my job!

I am so lucky to witness local community members and people from across the country supporting the people we serve by giving their time, money and help. With the holiday season quickly approaching, what better time of year is there to explore ways of giving back to those who may need your help?

I have a few ideas of ways in which you can give back this season, while still staying true to your budget and what you can afford. Make sure you check within your local community to find out what programs and places are available in your area! xoxo



Giving Back This Holiday Season

  • Operation Christmas Child: This program has been bringing smiles to children’s faces all around the world for years! When the community drops off items to a location near you, a shoebox is filled with items for children in need. There is a national collection week in November but don’t worry if you missed the date! You can go to the website to build a shoebox online! There are a few options for you to chose from: fill your own box and send it, build a shoebox online or buy a $25 gift card and they will fill it for you! The website has lots of suggestions for you to put in the box, depending on if the child is a boy or girl and their age. This is such a special way to help bring the joy of Christmas to a child who would not otherwise receive anything!
  • Volunteer at a local soup kitchen: All across our country, there are families who can’t afford groceries or a delicious dinner for the holidays. For these individuals, they rely on the generosity of the local community to donate items or donate their time so they can have a hot meal. Volunteering at a local soup kitchen is something you can do all year round, not just during the holidays. Take an afternoon on the weekend and help bring happiness and comfort to those who need it!
  • Donate to a food drive: Joey and I donated items to a food drive at my job two weeks ago! There are a few families at work who weren’t going to have a Thanksgiving dinner so we collected items to send home. We bought canned goods, boxed goods and gravy, which didn’t break our budget or take away from the groceries we needed at home! There are a ton of local food drives wherever you live that you can donate even just one item. This is such a great way to give back!
  • Toys for Tots: The Toys for Tots Foundation was started in 1947 and adopted by the U.S. Marine Corps in 1948 and subsequently turned into a nationwide campaign to provide toys for children who are in need! This foundation is so wonderful and has become something you can be involved in no matter where you live. There are toy drives and drop off locations across the country. You can also host a Toys for Tots event at your home, office or other local venue or volunteer at a local warehouse. Visit their website to find out more information about how you can get involved! You can also request a toy for your child through the website.
  • Visit a nursing home: Visiting a local nursing home can be a wonderful way to spread the joy of the holiday season! While there are lots of older people in a nursing home who have families who visit regularly and are involved, there are also a lot of these people who don’t get visitors or family coming by. Bake cookies, bring ornaments or just contact a local nursing home and you will see wonderful smiles on the faces of the people who call this home.
  • Pack stockings and drop them off at a local homeless shelter: This idea is something that may take a little more money than your budget allows but is a great idea if you can participate! You can grab stockings from the dollar store and fill them with items such as toys, small food items, hygiene essentials and more. Drop them off at a local homeless shelter for anyone who may need them!

What is one way you have given back during the holiday season? I would love to hear from you!!