Have you ever found yourself in a situation that you never thought was possible? That was us not too long ago. We were thousands of dollars in debt and didn’t know what to do.

It started in April 2015, when we came home from being gone all day and walked inside like we normally do. We always used the side entrance that went into the kitchen and we immediately noticed that all of our cabinets in the kitchen were open. We thought it was weird but didn’t realize something was very wrong until we saw Olivia’s piggy bank, smashed into pieces and all the coins on the ground. Our house had been robbed, thankfully while we weren’t there, and it sent our world spinning.

Since we were renting, we were able to break our lease and find someplace else to live. Unfortunately, we didn’t make the best decision when we moved. Don’t get me wrong, our apartment was gorgeous, but it was out of our price range. Slowly, we began sinking into a hole with no way out.

Fast forward to last year when we finally decided to make a move and plant our roots in a different part of the state! We found an adorable and affordable apartment, Olívia started Kindergarten and I went to work part time! We were on the road to change but had a long way to climb!

For the longest time we didn’t want to face the situation we were in but, we sat down and took a hard look at our debt. It was scary and I was anxious but it was necessary! My husband, Joey, who you will hear me talk about a lot took charge and we began a budget. We cut certain things out and found where we could save, all while trying to enjoy our lives and our daughter! We now stick to a strict budget and we are constantly trying to tweak it and optimize the money that we have. In 16 months, we have been able to pay down almost all of our debt!

Piggy Bank

We have found something that works for us and I truly believe could also change the lives of so many people who find themselves in a similar situation! I am by no means a professional nor am I perfect with my money but I want to help even just one person crawl their way out of debt and learn to still live a full life.

I want to share what we have learned and what we do financially in our life, with you! I will share frugal living tips, ways to save money and tips on budgeting successfully. I hope that you are able to take something you read on Karen Sincerely and apply it to your life!

Is there something specific you would like to learn about? What are you most interested in reading about? I would love to hear from you! xoxo

Photo by Fabian Blank on Unsplash