“Pinterest is my addiction and my therapy” – 5MinutesForMom.com

Okay, I need to start with a disclaimer. I am 100% not an expert on Pinterest! Just a blogger sharing some tips that I have learned.

A few years ago I stumbled upon Pinterest and I have literally been hooked ever since. Like, pinning all day long on the app on my phone, hooked.

When I launched this blog in October 2017, I was doing a ton of research about promoting the blog and the one topic I kept coming across was using Pinterest to boost your blog views and sales. I was so excited to find out that the website I loved most in life was also going to help me with my blog! Win win!

How I Went From Zero to 1 Million Monthly Viewers on Pinterest in 7 Months

Well, after that, I went to town researching, taking courses and trying out different strategies to utilize the benefits of Pinterest for my blog.

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I honestly don’t have a lot of followers, 306 to be exact, but Pinterest is my highest traffic source with Facebook coming in at a close second. So, don’t worry if your follower count isn’t growing super fast. You can still get a lot of traffic from Pinterest, if you do it right!

Over the course of these 7 months, I have established a routine and a system that has grown my account to over 1 million viewers a month. (I can’t believe I am even writing that!) You can see my current analytics below!

Pinterest Analytics

I am going to break down some of the things that have worked for me and hopefully they will work for you too!

Make Your Pinterest Account A Business Account

First and foremost, I suggest converting your Pinterest account to a business account. When I created my blog’s Pinterest page, I had no idea there was even such a thing as a business account. (I literally didn’t know what I was doing!) It took me about a month to learn about converting my account and I am so happy that I did! There are so many options available with a business account such as analytics, rich pins and connecting your website to your account. I would do this first!

Invest In Tailwind

I know, I know. You are probably sick of seeing people talking about Tailwind but I promise you there is a reason for all the hype! When I first started hearing about Tailwind, I was definitely skeptical so I decided to start with a free trial to see if I liked it.

In case you haven’t read anything about this site yet, Tailwind is a scheduling tool for Pinterest and now Instagram. Tailwind determines the peak times for you to post and you can choose different time slots for your pins. Basically, your Pinterest is still pinning even while you are at work, at the park or sleeping! Pretty cool right?

There is also a feature called Tribes where you can add your domain pins and reach even more people. I use Tailwind to schedule each of my domain pins, pins that are connected to my blog posts, and schedule other people’s pins in between so it doesn’t look like spam.

Personally, when I post a new article, I schedule that pin to be spread apart three days or until my next new article will go live. This process works best for me but feel free to change it up to fit your needs!

I can honestly tell you that when my free trial was up, I decided to sign up for the paid membership and continue using the tool! I saw such a large amount of growth in a short amount of time and I was so excited! Tailwind is not expensive, I pay $14.99 a month, and it is so worth it. I really suggest investing in this tool if you want to grow your Pinterest!

Pin With A Purpose

This is something I definitely wasn’t doing at first and needed to learn. With my personal account, I just pin whatever I see whenever I want and have completely random boards. This process didn’t work with my business account and I quickly learned that I needed to pin with a purpose.

I try to save at least one pin a day to each of my boards. I also try to stay within my niche which is geared mostly toward moms and women. Sit down and really evaluate your pinning strategy and lock in a sort of schedule or idea of a purpose for your pinning!

Combine Manually Pinning And Scheduling Pins

Although I have Tailwind and schedule pins everyday of the week, I also manual pin throughout the day. On a normal day, I have 11-14 pins scheduled in Tailwind which I plan out beforehand.

I tend to schedule them and forget them, leaving me time during the day to manually pin. I found that when I mixed the two ways of saving pins, I saw a huge increase in views and traffic on my account. I get on my app about three or four different times a day and pin to my relevant boards.

For me, combining the scheduled pins and manual pinning has worked wonders!

Join Group Boards

Seriously. Join as many group boards as possible that have to do with your niche and your audience. Currently, I am a part of 18 group boards. Yup, 18.

I can’t even begin to describe to you the change in my traffic when I started joining these boards. Most of the boards I am on are for moms or mom bloggers since that is my niche. However, there are so many group boards you can join and you will definitely find a few within your blog’s niche.

I look for boards that have a good number of followers so that I know what I save will be seen by a lot of people. I use these group boards to pin only content from my blog as well as re-pin at least one from each board after I share my pin. I believe in supporting other bloggers so I like using the posts on the boards for my re-pins!

Pin 40-50 New Pins A Day

This may seem like a huge number but sometimes I find myself pinning way more than 50! I have found that pinning at least 40-50 new pins a day is enough to keep my monthly traffic up. I sometimes see a dip in viewers if I go a few days without re-pinning that many pins. If you spread out your pinning, you will definitely be able to share 50+ pins!

Create A Spreadsheet To Keep Track Of Pins

Okay, this is a huge one for me. My beloved spreadsheet. What I have done is created a spreadsheet in Numbers to keep track of the pins that I share from my blog so I know when to re-share them.

Just pinning once isn’t enough! You want to re-pin your articles sporadically to keep traffic coming to those posts. I tend to go back three months and share the post again to my boards and usually a few group boards. Having this spreadsheet has made it easier for me to keep even my oldest posts relevant and people reading them!

Make Your Board Covers Uniform

Last but not least, make your account look pretty and uniformed by creating board covers. Using Canva, pick a template that fits with your blog and go to town! (If you have never used Canva, you HAVE to check it out!) Below you can see how I designed my cover photos.

Once you have picked the background and wrote the name of the board on the design, save the picture and upload it to the board you are using it for just like you would any other link. Once it is added to the board, edit the board and choose “change board cover” and use that picture! It is super easy and looks really professional and catches viewers’ eyes!

Pinterest Board Covers

Phew! I know this was a TON of information but I really wanted to share with you some of the steps I have taken to grow my Pinterest account! It may seem like a lot of work but it will be all worth it when you see those numbers jump!

Do you have tips that have worked for you to grow your account? Do you see a lot of traffic from Pinterest to your blog? I would love to hear from you! XOXO