“Make your parents proud, your enemies jealous & yourself happy.” – The Weekend

I honestly can’t believe it is already February! A lot of years, January feels like the longest month ever but this year it has flown by.

For the past couple of Friday Finds, I have been focusing on something specific. I love scouring the internet for things to share with you guys like style, beauty products or shopping. This week I wanted to go back to my original post and have an array of ideas for you to check out!

This Quote.


I absolutely adore this quote and have it saved on my computer! This year, I am all about trying new things and going outside of my comfort zone. I am a very anxious person so I tend to stick to what I know and not face my fears. 2018 is the year of changing that and pushing myself!

Short Chiffon Dress

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, how perfect would this dress be for a night out?? I love the cute details on this dress and the color! If you wear this in the winter you can put an adorable sweater on and you can rock it for the cooler summer nights. Grab this number for $49.99 at H&M!

Ankle Strap Wedge

These shoes! I need these shoes! I am kind of obsessed with shoes and I have everything from flats and pumps to Uggs and sneakers but I have NOTHING like these beauties. The color is gorgeous and will literally go with almost anything. Payless has these for $34.99!

The Crooked House: A Novel by Christobel Kent

I am reading this book right now and it is SO good! The premise of this book is a girl who’s family is killed goes back to the place it all happened, 13 years later. I am about halfway in and it is really starting to get good. The writing is intense and pulls you in! I find myself having such a hard time putting this book down and going to sleep at night! I can’t wait to see what happens next! Grab a copy at your local library or from Amazon!

The After School Specials – Nirvana

I have literally been listening to this song nonstop and I am OBSESSED! I had never heard of The After School Specials until I stumbled upon this video and I have been watching all of their videos on YouTube ever since. Their rendition of Sam Smith’s song is beautiful and mystifying. This is a must watch!!

Pink Crossbody Bag

If you are looking for a new bag for the Spring, look no further! I found the perfect addition to your wardrobe! This pale pink is such a beautiful color and can be dressed up or paired with jeans and sneakers. I don’t currently have a crossbody in my closet and this bag is in my shopping cart! Can you beat $19.99 at Target?!

Photos from Tumblr,H&M, Payless, Amazon, Target, Darren Coleshill on Unsplash