So, I’ll admit it: I don’t clean my make-up brushes nearly as often as I should! I know, I know, that isn’t sanitary! This is a safe space and a judgement free zone haha!

Keeping my brushes clean is definitely something I have been working on doing more. I have specific brushes that I use everyday and those that I use sparingly. I am always so nervous to use chemicals and products on the ones that I use daily because of my sensitive skin, so I went on the hunt for a DIY cleaner. Of course I turned to the holy grail of all things DIY, Pinterest! I came across this simple cleanser that uses ingredients I always have in my cabinets and is super gentle on the brushes.

DIY Brush Cleaner

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  • Two parts baby shampoo or Dawn dish soap
  • One part olive oil
  • Small amount of water

I used my Luxie Pro Precision Tapered brush and E.L.F. Small Stipple brush!

DIY Brush Cleaner 2

DIY Brush Cleaner 3

The dawn is to clean and the olive oil is to condition! Do you have a different DIY cleanser that you use to keep your brushes clean? Comment or e-mail me at xoxo