“The more you have, the more you are occupied. The less you have, the more you are free.” – Mother Teresa

A few months ago, I found myself feeling overwhelmed, busy and extremely unorganized. My calendar was full, my days were chaotic and my anxiety was high.

I so desperately wanted to make a change but had no idea what to do or where to begin. When I started reading and researching more about the concept of living a more simple life, I knew I had found what my soul needed. What my life needed.

Slowly, I began going through my life and evaluating what made me happy and what didn’t. I learned how to say no to things that didn’t make my heart skip a beat and not feel bad about it. I started being more intentional with my time and prioritizing quiet time at home over being busy everyday of the week. It was so freeing.

Next up was decluttering our apartment.

Decluttering Your Home: 10 Things To Get Rid Of Today!

For me, my home has always been my safe haven. The place that I am most comfortable and feel the most as peace. But as I walked around and really took inventory of our space, I found that it was filled with “things.”

Things that at one point, meant something to me, but that I haven’t looked at in years. Makeup palettes that I was devoted to years ago but haven’t used since I found my new favorite.

So, this summer became the season of decluttering. We still have a lot to get through and it is a work in progress but it already feels so wonderful. I never thought I would be able to enjoy letting go of the “stuff” in my home, but boy am I enjoying it. (I’m trying not to go overboard and donate everything in sight!)

If you are like me and are craving simplicity in your life, but aren’t sure where to begin decluttering, I have made a list of the 10 things you should get rid of today. Like, right now.

This will get you started on your decluttering journey and ease you into the process. Take one day a week and go through each of these items and throw away or donate what you don’t need anymore.

Time to get decluttering!

1. Make-Up That Is More Than A Year Old

2. Old Magazines

3. Medicine That Is Expired Or Bought Over A Year Ago

4. Books You Have Already Read & Won’t Read Again

5. Sheet Sets And Blankets That Have Seen Better Days

6. Clothes You Haven’t Worn In At Least Two Years

7. Movies That You Don’t Watch

8. Nail Polish That Is Over A Year Old

9. Cookbooks You Don’t Use

10. Notebooks That Are Used And Half Full

Are you in the process of decluttering your space? Do you have any items you would add to the list? Leave your comments below! XOXO