“The Mother’s Homework Prayer: Please grant me the serenity to accept the homework assignment I cannot change, the courage to help my child complete it as I can, and the strength to finish it without either of us ending up in tears…” – Science of Parenthood

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When I am chatting with my friends who are moms, one of the most talked about topics is the dreaded homework time. Parents everywhere describe homework as stressful, frustrating and the worst part of the day.

I had heard this from SO many people before my little one started Kindergarten and I was determined to not feel the same way. In case you were wondering, it didn’t work!

I found myself getting frustrated when she wouldn’t sit down or didn’t focus which made her upset and it was a catastrophe! I decided it was time I come up with a plan to take away the stigma of homework time and make it a calm time in our house. Fast forward to today, and we have a totally difference experience when she gets home from school!

Today, we are very intentional in our house when it comes to this time of the day. I want to share with you some of the things we have changed that has literally saved homework time!

If you are how we were a year ago and are looking for ways to revamp this inevitable time with your kids and actually enjoy it, I hope this post helps you!

Homework Is First.

This is a HUGE one for us! As soon as we get home, my little one uses the bathroom and cleans out her lunchbox. If she is hungry, she gets a snack out and we get ready for her homework. Most days she has her snack while she is working on it which works out perfectly! I have found that the days when we stray from this and don’t have her do her homework as soon as she gets home, it is hard to get her focused. This change has made such a big difference!

No TV Or Distractions.

During homework time, there is no TV. There is no iPad. When you cut out all of the distractions then your little one’s focus is on what they are doing instead of what is going on around them. Have you ever tried even having a conversation with your kids when their favorite TV show is on? They don’t even look your way! This is a must for a stress-free homework session!

Don’t Expect Perfection.

When my daughter started school, I was always so worried about her handwriting being better or her making no mistakes on her homework. Ridiculous, I know! What I realized was that I was putting too much pressure on her and she was getting frustrated. It’s okay if her letters are too big or too close together. As long as she does her best, that is all I can ask for!

Listen To Classical Or Instrumental Music.

Okay, stay with me here! A few weeks ago, I was in the mood for some nice calm and relaxing music so I found the Piano Guys station on Spotify and played it while we were doing homework. My daughter absolutely LOVED it! Since then, we have been putting on classical music and it has set a peaceful mood. Trust me, you should try it!

Positive Reinforcement.

This is something we try to do on an everyday basis with our daughter, try being the key word there because it isn’t always easy! When they do a good job sitting and not arguing, tell them. When they know the answers without any assistance from you, praise them. I have learned that the more positive I am, the more positive she is!

Homework time doesn’t need to be a time of frustration and anger! It can be a time of learning and bonding with your kids!

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