“Crafting each day keeps the crazy away” – U Create

Since my daughter was born, we have been into crafts! Even when she was a baby, we were finger painting and coloring. The other day, I checked on her and found her at the coffee table with her coloring book and classical music on the TV! #Proudmommoment!

One of the things I love doing with her is sitting down and planning some seasonal and holiday projects. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, we have picked out a few fun crafts that anyone can do. Head to your local craft store or Dollar Tree and let’s get crafting!

Paper Plate Love Birds from Arty Crafty Kids

How cute are these little love birds?? We have done so many paper plate crafts I can’t even remember all of them! With only five supplies needed, this is a craft that is inexpensive and even your toddlers can join in on the fun. Let the kids get as creative as they want with their designs. We are definitely making these at our house this weekend!

Arty Crafty Kids | Craft | Paper Plate Love Birds | Super cute paper plate Love Bird. An easy Valentine's craft for kids.

Yarn Wrapped Hearts from Easy Peasy and Fun

Another adorable craft! If you have any yarn lying around, I know I do, grab some of it and go to town. One of the things I love the most about this project is that you probably already have everything you need in your closet! You can cut out the hearts and then let the kids wrap them however they want with the yarn. You could even make these into a cute decorating on the table or entertainment center!

Cute Yarn Wrapped Hearts

Valentine’s Day Slime by The Farm Girl Gabs

Do your kids love slime as much as my daughter does?? We bought her a kit from Michael’s for Christmas and I think it was one of her favorite gifts! I love how they put the slime in cupcake holders when it is done. You can choose whatever you want to add to your slime like glitter, hearts and gems! This is another one we are going to be making this weekend!

You and your kids will LOVE making this easy DIY Valentine's Day Slime project. This fun craft makes a great party favor too!

Valentine’s Day Heart Fingerprint Tree from Easy Peasy and Fun

Here is another really cute craft from Easy Peasy and Fun! Her site is so cute and you can find SO many great products to do with the kids! The directions say to use ink pads but my daughter and I are planning to use finger paints for the tree. We already have all of the supplies at home so I think we may make these after school one day this week. You can use what colors you want and make it whatever design you want! I love crafts that you can go crazy with and the kids can be free to be creative!

Fingerprint Tree

Hole Punched Hearts from No Time For Flash Cards

I love these adorable hearts! All you need is paper, hole puncher, scissors and ribbon. My daughter will love cutting out the heart shapes and punching the holes in them! We are going to use a few colors like pink, purple, red and white. We are also going to use a few different colored ribbons! Hang them up on your window and you have a great decoration that everyone can help make!

hole punch hearts in window













Dollar Tree Hearts Project (an original idea)

Last but not least is something we came up with! We went to our local Dollar Tree, I could browse in there for hours, and picked up a small bag of glitter hearts. Our plan is to glue the hearts onto white paper in the shape of a large heart! I love finding inexpensive projects that we can do together and since we already have the supplies at home, the only thing we needed to buy was the small hearts. I will post pictures after we make them!

Do you enjoy doing crafts with your kids? What is your favorite Valentine’s Day project? Comment below! XOXO

Images by Kelli Tungay on Unsplash, Arty Crafty Kids, Easy Peasy and Fun, The Farm Girl Gabs, Easy Peasy and Fun, No Time For Flash Cards