Our world, is in a crisis right now.

Across the globe, kids are home from school, people are getting sick, businesses are closed and life as we know it has changed. Some people aren’t sure when their next paycheck will come or when they will be able to leave their homes next.

Many people have even had to say goodbye to loved ones.

With all this uncertainty and chaos happening around us, it is easy to feel overwhelmed, anxious and stressed. To feel out of control of our own lives and unsure of what comes next.

And while there are so many things that we have no say over right now, there is something very important that we are always in control of: our minds. At the end of the day, regardless of what is going on outside of us, we are in control of how we react, how we feel and what we do.

5 Ways To Stay Positive & Protect Your Mental Health During A Crisis

A few days ago, I found myself becoming increasingly obsessed with watching the news, checking social media for updates on the crisis and nonstop researching. With that came more anxiety then I have felt in years and I knew it was time to take a step back.

Now more than ever, you need to protect your mental health and pay attention to the energy that is surrounding you. Below are five ways to stay positive and keep your mental health intact during a crisis, no matter what the crisis that you are experiencing may be!


One of the most powerful ways for you to safeguard your emotions and your mindset is to disconnect and take a step back. With the Coronavirus happening right now, all you see is statistics, memes and complaining about having to stay home. And sometimes, it becomes too much.

Does this mean you bury your head in the sand? Absolutely not. Knowledge is power and that applies to this too. What this means is simply shutting these things off for a few hours and grounding yourself. It’s okay to turn off all electronics, put on some music and read a good book.

Disconnect as often or for as long as you need to. Listen to yourself and go with that!

Practice gratitude.

When your world is turned upside down, whether it is because of a financial crisis you are experiencing or the loss of a loved one, it is so easy to focus on the negative. To dwell on all the bad, sad or annoying elements of the situation. And while there may be an abundance of this negativity in your life right now, shifting your focus to the beautiful things in life will do wonders.

For instance, right now, our lives have changed drastically and it can be hard to know how to adjust. We are stuck inside, not able to see family or friends and important life events have been cancelled. Lots of negativity, right?

But, if you think of it differently, we have time that we didn’t have before. We have the opportunity to bond with our children, start a new hobby or finish a project we started a year ago. The one place we can spend as much time as we want is in the outdoors, exploring the beauty of nature.

Look around you. Life is still ridiculously beautiful. Focus on that and find at least one thing, each day, to be grateful for!

Ground yourself in nature.

Do you know what doesn’t change, even in the middle of a crisis? The sound of the birds chirping or the feel of the grass on your feet. The blue of the sky or the sound of the rain falling on the sidewalk. The warmth of the sun on your face or the waves crashing at the beach.

Nature, while ever changing, is always there. Go for a walk. Pick flowers or rake leaves. Take your binoculars and marvel at the different birds. Sit and listen to the water flowing in a stream. Watch the sunset.

Get outside and ground yourself in the peace of Mother Earth and nature, it is ready for you to admire!

Help someone.

Maybe your next door neighbor needs bread and you have an extra loaf. Or maybe your child is having a difficult day and you help him/her feel better. Helping someone else, no matter how large or small the help is, will lift your spirits and make you feel happy almost instantly, especially in times of uncertainty and chaos in the world.

Check your local town’s Facebook page, ask your neighbors, check the local senior centers and I bet you will find someone or something who needs what you can give. Even just a smile and a wave! You are more powerful then you realize!

Check on yourself daily.

For most of us, it is our first instinct to check on our loved ones when times are hard or during a crisis like we are experiencing with the Coronavirus. But one of the most important things you can do, for yourself, is to check in daily with your emotions, your thoughts and your mindset.

Meditate. Journal. Pray. Whatever works for you, make sure you are paying attention to yourself and your needs. This will help protect your mental health and keep your positivity in check.

I am thinking of each and every one of you during this time. If you need someone to talk to or help staying positive right now, please reach out. We are all in this together.