“May you never be too grown up to search the skies on Christmas Eve.”-The Keele Deal

Can you believe December is here? The holidays are in full swing and the calendars are starting to fill up!

When the holiday season rolls around each year, life can get a little crazy with all of the things that need to be done. From gifts and parties to events and baking, there are so many days that are go, go, go.

5 Tips For Having A Calm & Peaceful Holiday Season

This year, more than ever, I am craving the quiet and peaceful moments of this beautiful season.

So many times we are so busy running around that we forget what the holidays are truly about.

For many years, I have felt such enormous stress leading up to Christmas. Deciding where we are going Christmas Day, trying to get everything done and fighting with family over decisions we have made have changed the way I have felt about the holidays.

Now? That has all changed.

I no longer feel the need to pack our schedules with every single holiday event that I see. We don’t run from one house to the next on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day anymore. I don’t go crazy shopping and running up the credit card bill.

Instead, I savor the quiet. We stay home on a Friday night and make gingerbread men. I turn off all the lights and enjoy the beautiful lights of the tree. I watch as many Hallmark movies as possible before my DVR is full.

For me, this season has finally become my favorite again because of the changes I have made.

If you are looking for ways to have a more peaceful and calm holiday season, I want to share with you five ways you too can take back the magic of the season.

1. Say ‘no.’

Seriously. Just say ‘no.’

If you see your calendar is starting to fill up and there is writing on almost every single day, then you need to start turning invitations down. I know how fun it is so see everyone and celebrate the holidays packing as much Christmas into December as possible but all it will bring you is stress. It’s okay to say no! (In fact, I have said ‘no’ a lot this year and it has felt amazing, just saying)

2. Remember what the season is about.

At some point, this time of year became more about the amount of money you spend on gifts and less about spending time with those you hold close to your heart.

If you feel like the season is slipping away from you, try and remember what is the most important during Christmastime. Look at your children and see this time of year through their eyes. Take in all the beautiful sights and sounds around you and marvel at the magic of the season.

It truly doesn’t matter what’s under your tree. It is about the moments. Those, those will last forever.

3. Be intentional with your time.

We wait all year for the holidays to come and it comes and goes with a blink of the eye. Don’t be so busy that you miss it.

Pick a handful of things you want to do this holiday season and just do them. Write them on your calendar, decide ahead of time what you are choosing and stick to your plan. Be intentional with the little bit of time we have between school, work and activities to really enjoy the holidays.

4. Carve quiet time into your day.

Whenever you can do it during the day, carve out some time to just be. Whether it is after you wake up, before you go to work or before you fall asleep at night, be quiet and think about the true meaning of the season.

When we get so caught up in the hustle and bustle, we forget to remember the real reason for the season. The most quiet time you can make time for during your day, the more peaceful you will feel. Sit by the tree’s twinkling lights and let the joy of the holidays wash over you.

5. Don’t go overboard with the decor.

I may have saved this one for last but let me tell you, it definitely isn’t the least important.

If you are like me and are affected by your surroundings, keep your holiday decor to a minimum. Only put out decorations that mean something to you or that you really love. The more things you have laying cluttering your house, the more anxiety and chaos it brings. Keep your space open and don’t go overboard with the decorations.

What is one thing you do to make sure your holiday season is as peaceful as possible? Comment below! XOXO