“When we crave simplicity, we are not after an easier life. We are after life.” – Dave Bruno

Since embracing minimalism last year, so many things have changed in my life. I mean, so many things. And all of them, have been for the better.

From the way that I view the things that I own to being more intentional with my time, minimalism has made me reevaluate a ton of different aspects of my life.

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One of the most significant changes that I have made has been with my spending habits. I can admit that before becoming a minimalist, I was definitely someone who shopped. A lot.

I spent money we didn’t have, bought things I didn’t really want or need and still wasn’t happy. I was searching for something and thought I would find it in shopping and buying but at the end of the day, didn’t.

Today, I don’t even know that person anymore.

5 Things I Have Stopped Buying Since Embracing Minimalism

There are a few things that I have stopped buying since embracing minimalism. I can honestly say that some things were a lot harder to stop shopping for than others.

Minimalism, for me, is a work in progress and might always be that way. It is also completely subjective and will look different for every single person.

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I want to share with you five of the main things I no longer buy since becoming a minimalist!

1. Books

Okay, this was a hard one for me. I am a HUGE book nerd and always have something that I am reading. However, I decided to stop buying books for two very specific reasons.

1) I read books pretty quickly, some of them in one or two days

2) I almost NEVER read a book twice

When I was starting to really take a look at my life and figure out how I could minimize the things in my home, books was one of the major things I had to go through. What I realized was that 95% of the books that I owned were just taking up space and not being read.

I donated a ton of them and kept only the few books that I knew I would read again or meant something to me. Now, I visit the library probably once a week and am able to read them at my pace and then take them back there. I asked for a few books as gifts for Christmas (and got Girl Wash Your Face yay!), ones that I would like to keep and read over and over again, but overall I no longer buy books!

2. Magazines

Raise your hand if you are that person in the grocery store that always stops and looks at the magazines at check out! (A few months ago, I would totally be raising my hand right now!)

Before becoming a minimalist, I absolutely was that person who routinely grabbed a magazine off the racks at the grocery store and also the person who wound up with a pile of magazines that always seemed to find themselves in a drawer or in the entertainment center.

Magazines is one thing I have stopped buying since embracing minimalism. I can honestly tell you that I have saved countless dollars and have cut down on the clutter that inevitably happens when buying magazines. Now, I get my celebrity gossip online and my home decor ideas on Pinterest!

3. Souvenirs

Since becoming a minimalist, one of the things I have decided not to buy anymore are little trinkets or souvenirs from places we travel to or visit.

What I found was that I almost never used or touched what I bought and that I don’t need something material to help me remember the vacation or trip. When I started decluttering my home, one of the first things I got rid of were these little mementos that I thought I would keep forever.

Today, whenever we take a trip somewhere new, I make sure I take a picture on my phone in front of a sign or landmark. I love going back through my pictures and I actually cherish that way more than any of the souvenirs I have bought prior. (Cuts down on luggage too!)

4. Movies

This might seem a little strange but one of the things I have stopped buying is movies!

For holidays, my daughter usually gets one or two DVDs and that I am perfectly fine with and actually love that she does still get them. (This year for Christmas she got The Greatest Showman and Wreck It Ralph!) This was one area where we really purged our items and got rid of a ton of movies. In the world of Netflix, Amazon Prime and the Firestick, we don’t really pop in a movie anymore and don’t have a DVD player.

We have a handful of movies still and they all fit in a small drawer of our entertainment center and I routinely go through them with my daughter, since most of them are hers, and usually donate at least one or two!

5. Newspapers

Okay, full disclosure here, this one was difficult for me to stop buying. (Weird, right?!)

There is just something about sitting down on a Saturday morning with a cup of coffee and the newspaper that makes me feel comfortable and relaxed. What I found however was that once I was done reading the paper, it either went in the recycling or in a pile on the floor.

I realized that I never used it after I read it that first day and it just contributed to the clutter in my home. Instead, I will browse the local and national news while I drink my cup of coffee and have zero clutter when I am done with it!

What is one thing you could stop buying to save money or reduce clutter? I would love to hear from you!

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