“Truly wonderful the mind of a child is!”-Yoda

For kids who are in school or are getting ready to enter kindergarten, continuing their learning during the summer is important but can be like pulling teeth! (No? Just my house?)

Before my daughter started school, I had never heard about the “summer slide.” I know what you’re thinking but unfortunately, no, this kind of slide is not like the one you find at your local playground or park.

The summer slide refers to the regression that sometimes happen when school aged kids don’t practice what they have learned in school during summer break. Typically, it is seen the most in reading and math skills.

3 Ways To Make Learning Fun This Summer + A Free Printable!

So, although the sunshine and lack of routine can seem like the perfect time to relax and educationally turn off, finding some time during these months to connect with kid’s skills will pay dividends when the fall rolls around.

If your kids are anything like my daughter, the last thing she wants to do is work. She wants to spend her days running around outside, sleeping in and going to bed late. Who doesn’t?

However, over the past couple of summers, I have been able to find ways to make learning fun during this time off. My daughter still may resist sometimes but overall, she doesn’t really mind it anymore. (Knock on wood!)

To all those parents out there who are looking for ways to make learning not such a drag this summer, I am going to share with you three things that have worked wonders for my family and a free printable from Education.com to get the learning started!

1. Make learning a game.

Break out the flash cards and let’s play a game!

There are so many different ways to make learning into a game. One thing I do with my daughter is to put together equations with math flashcards and see how many she can get right in a set amount of time.

Since she is competitive and loves a good game, she usually doesn’t even realize we are working on her skills! Another thing you can do is to play educational games on the computer or iPad. We do try to limit screen time in the summer but when it is for learning purposes, we are a little more relaxed with it!

Be as creative as you want and have fun!

2. Check out your library for activities and reading fun.

Raise your hand if you love going to your local library! We love going to ours!

In the summertime, most local libraries have a ton of different activities and ways to get the kids engaged and learning. At our library, they have an awesome reading challenge for kids and adults in the summer. It is such a great way to make reading fun and exciting! My daughter looks forward to participating in this challenge as soon as summer hits.

Visit your library in person or go to their website and check out the calendar of events happening. Make a plan to attend at least one activity a week and while you are there, read a few books or check out a few to take home. When you go back the next week, pick new ones! By the end of the summer, your kids will have kept up with their reading!

3. Take the learning on the road.

Hop in the car and take your learning out of the house!

There are so many different ways to enjoy the beautiful weather, explore where you live and learn along the way. From visiting a museum to putting together a fun scavenger hunt that incorporates colors, words and numbers, take a day each week and do something different out of the house.

Get books from the library about the beach and then spend time in the sand and ocean exploring. Buy a few workbooks and sit by a lake doing some of the pages together. Visit a local historical site and learn about your town. Print out the worksheet at the bottom of this post and find each word on the page in nature. The possibilities are endless!

It may seem like learning in the summer is a buzzkill but it will be so beneficial when schools starts again in the fall! Have fun, get creative and enjoy!

What is one way you keep your kids learning in the summer? I would love to hear more ideas! XOXO

Celebrate summer as you practice spelling and reading skills with this fun word to image match up. Keep the skills going strong all summer long over at Education.com where you will find more just like this!