It’s almost that time of year again. The long days will soon end, the sun will set sooner and the kids will be back to school. Actually, for some of you, school may already be starting.

When the summer begins, it feels like the little ones will be home for so long but yet the time goes so fast. I have a love/hate relationship with the lack of routine and obligations during the summer. I am a creature of habit so there is definitely an adjustment period once the school year ends.

Before you know it, however, the school bus will pull up outside and the busy days and routine will begin again. There will be homework, activities, earlier bedtimes and projects to do.

I don’t know about you but those first two weeks of back to school are very hectic and draining on my family. We are all trying to find our rhythm again and I sometimes find myself frazzled and stressed.

10 Easy Freezer Meals For Back To School

One way I like to cut down on some of the craziness of these adjustment weeks is to have freezer meals ready for dinners. Just having these meals ready and planned tends to ease my mind and gives me one less thing to have to think about.

Starting about a week before school begins, plan, shop and prep your dinners. If you wait too long to get these bad boys in the freezer, and if you are like me, then you still start stressing about getting the meals ready on top of school starting. (Not a good combo, just ask my husband!)

Today, I want to share with you 10 meals that are delicious, easy to prepare and kid-friendly!

1. Easy To Make Taco Casserole

via Eating On A Dime

Who doesn’t love tacos? This casserole is super easy to make and freezes perfectly. Pair this casserole with a side salad or some chips and salsa and you have a delicious school night meal.

2. Parmesan Crusted Chicken Tenders

via Kristine’s Kitchen

These make ahead chicken tenders are so delicious and so easy to make, just pull them out of the freezer and place them directly into the oven to cook. Kristine from Kristine’s Kitchen has directions on the bottom of the recipe for freezing and then serving from the freezer.

3. Easy Freezer Breakfast Burritos

via Mom On Timeout

Yes, yes and yes! Mom On Timeout hit the nail on the head with this one. Not only do I love a good breakfast burrito, but one that can be prepped ahead of time and popped in the microwave or oven for a quick dinner? The perfect combination.

4. Freezer Lasagna Roll-Ups

via Thrifty Is Treasures

Honestly, who doesn’t love lasagna? Add to the deliciousness that you can freeze this meal and you have a match made in heaven. You can store this babies up to 3 months and the directions are super simple.

5. Easy Chicken Enchiladas

via Makes and Takes

With only a handful of ingredients and so easy to freeze, this recipe from Makes and Takes is a must-have for back to school. My family and I can’t enough tacos, nachos, enchiladas or burritos so this one is definitely on my list.

6. 20 Minute Tuscan Pasta

via Six Sisters’ Stuff

Pasta anyone?! If you have never tried a recipe from Six Sister’s Stuff then you are missing out. Every meal I have ever tried from them is absolutely delicious and Tuscan Pasta Freezer Meal will not disappoint. Spend only 20 minutes in the kitchen and you have a huge meal for those busy back to school nights.

7. Hamburgers

via Good Cheap Eats

Yes, you read that right. Hamburger patties for the freezer. (Genius idea right?) This is such a good idea and something I never thought of doing before I stumbled upon Good Cheap Eats. Prepare the burgers ahead of time and then the day that you want to have them, let them thaw, cook them and voila! Dinner is served!

8. Ranch Parmesan Chicken

via Recipe Book and More

You guys, this chicken is so easy to make and I bet you have all of the ingredients needed already in your kitchen. This recipe is on the top of my list to freeze for back to school and can be paired with any sides that your family likes.

9. Freezer-Friendly Chicken Pot Pie

via New Leaf Wellness

One meal that my daughter and I can’t get enough of are chicken pot pies. My husband isn’t a fan, he has a serious aversion to peas, so whenever he is working at night or not home for dinner we take the opportunity and make them. These freezer-friendly pot pies may seem a little intimidating at first glance because of the list of ingredients but they are super easy to make! New Leaf Wellness even breaks down exactly how to freeze these bad boys so that it is done perfectly!

10. Freezer To Crockpot Sausage And Peppers

via Free Tastes Good

I have an obsession with my crockpot, although to be honest I have been really enjoying cooking all my meals this summer instead of using my beloved crockpot, but I will definitely be putting it to use for the school year. The ease of this meal is so wonderful and so needed for back to school. Simply remove the sausage and peppers from the freezer to thaw, throw in the crockpot for the day and then serve over rice or on a tortilla. Delicious!

Does back to school time stress you out? What is one thing you do to lower the stress level? Comment below!!