Since before I started this blog, I have wanted to write about parenting and being a mommy. It is such a big part of my life and I am so incredibly passionate about it.

However, when I did actually launch Karen Sincerely, I decided to leave this subject off the blog! Parenting, to me, is very personal and something that I hold very dear. Raising my daughter is the most important thing I can do in this life and I sometimes find myself getting defensive when I am criticized about my parenting.

Another thing that has held me back from writing about being a mom on this blog is simple: I am not an expert. I have been hesitant to give advice and opinions on different aspects of parenting when I am by no means a perfect parent. I have my flaws, just as everyone does and my child is also not perfect. We have our good days and bad days, like Friday when she was in time out before we even left for school!

With that being said, I have been thinking long and hard about my original ideas for Karen Sincerely, which includes a section dedicated to parenting. I truly feel like I have many thoughts and ideas that I would love to share with all of the parents out there who may find themselves on my blog. I was a stay at home mom for five years, in which I truly struggled and also triumphed, and I think a lot of other moms can relate to some of the things I went through and experienced during that time!

After much thought, I have decided on the name #MommyLife for this new section of the blog! I want it to be a place where you can find ideas from my experiences, things that have worked for my family and all things #MommyLife! I truly hope you enjoy this new part of Karen Sincerely!! xoxo

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